3 days Private Sailing Tour – with food included!

All you need is us. It’s always great to have the opportunity to sail away – either for an hour or a whole day. But, to be honest, 3 days of private sailing sounds too good to be true. Or does it? With us, it’s too good and too true!

Stroked sails, sailboat, sun, whistling wind, crashing waves, hidden coves, socializing, fun…

If that sounds appealing, this is the right 3 days Private Sailing Tour for you!


If you are planning a slightly different summer holiday this year and don’t know if it is advisable to embark on such an adventure, we bring you a special idea for a dream holiday! Read more about sailing, boats in general, itinerary and secrets of Dalmatian islands you will visit. There will be some tips that will help you remember this new experience.

Imagine an incredible feeling of freedom when you catch the wind in the sails of the boat, feel the sun and the salt on your face. And more. Watch the seagulls overhead, and all around you is a vast blue sea. Divine, isn’t it?

This summer is just as ordered for such a sailing adventure! And to help you plan your sailing holiday, we have prepared a short story about this kind of holiday.


Who will be on board during these three days is actually less important. When you board the ship, the moment you leave the solid land and enter the rocked boat, everything will change.

For the better!

There are several exceptional spots for sailing enthusiasts in the Mediterranean. Among the most appreciated is Croatia, with its indented coastline and more than 1000 islands and islets that offer a truly special experience.

And being in our country, it is close by and the perfect choice for a holiday on a sailboat, catamaran or yacht.

“The sea finds out everything you did wrong.”

An old pirate

Which boat you rent depends on what kind of experience you want. Sailboats are the most popular type of boat to rent because they are great for a family vacation, a fun adventure with friends, and even racing. They are also very romantic, and sailing in strong winds is a very special experience.

Here we are talking about Sailing Yacht. A boat that is longer than 12 meters and offers three cabins for two people. Maximum 6 people plus skipper means there will be no crowding on the sailboat. Which is very, very important when sailing.


Sailing – once you try it, you will always be looking for more. If you are lucky enough, on 3 Days Private Sailing Tour, you will sail. But you need the wind to do it, and unfortunately, you can’t order it in advance. The wind is predictable at this time of year (with enough experience) and you can spend more time sailing.

This is the main reason why 3 days is better than one! More chance for the wind and your sailing experience.

Renting a yacht in the early season, in spring, can prove to be an even better experience than sailing the Adriatic in the middle of the summer season. As we have written in numerous previous posts, Croatia in spring offers: a moderately warm Mediterranean climate, less crowds in the best bays and of course the best yacht rental prices you can ever get.

In any case, Dalmatia has earned the status of a world-famous nautical destination to this day. Thousands upon thousands of sailboats, catamarans, gulets and motor yachts sail into the warm Adriatic every summer to experience Croatia’s many beauties.


Omiš is a small town just 2o kilometres from Split. It is said that there is no place like it anywhere in the world. In one place you have a mountain, a river, the sea, a sandy beach and a pirate battle. A place you should visit! So, 3 days private sailing Tour starts from Omiš.

As I said, you can sail all by yourself, but you have to book all the places on the boat. In other words – for 3 days, two nights and food (including skipper) you pay full price. On the other hand, you can go with a family up to 6 people and the price is the same. Judge for yourself what suits you best.

From Omiš you will sail (or sail) to the island of Hvar. Have lunch and sleep under the stars in the bay of Palmižana. Take a look at what this piece of paradise looks like.

After the best wake up ever and breakfast, the skipper will take you to the island of Šolta where you will spend the whole day swimming, snorkeling, eating, drinking, laughing, talking or just netting on deck. All you can hear is crickets and waves. Sometimes neither. Just a silence. Here we will spend the day before heading to the island of Brač and spending the night in the village of Bobovišće.

After spending the night in this small bay, you will have the opportunity to visit Pustinja Blaca Monastery (The Blaca Hermitage). And not only that – the island of Brač is full of beautiful places, in Sutivan you can take your children to Animal Ranch and buy an ice cream in the center of Supetar – the main port of the island.

After that, return to Bobovišće and enjoy your lunch. Next on the agenda is swimming at Stipanska beach or Lovrečina bay, both known for their large sandy beaches.

Lovrečina bay is a good beach for children, spacious enough. There is also a meadow above the beach where you can stay if you don’t like the congestion on the beach.

After a full day of activities and good memories, we will head back to Omiš. Finally, we will arrive in Omiš around 7 pm.