Day Sailing with lunch, wine and beer included

If you are looking for a private sailing tour for a day, this will be day to remember. Invite your family, friends or business partners to join you for a full day of sailing – all included. You can all relax and enjoy in crystal-clear sea, blue skies and the fabulous nature island of Brač.

All included means you will taste delicious authentic specialties, try exquisite local wines and beer and spend a perfect day on your Croatian holiday.

Day Sailing with lunch, wine and beer included

650€ (1-6 person)


    • private yacht (with three cabins, living room, kitchen, bathrooms and sun deck),

    • professional skipper,

    • lunch, wine, beer, soft drinks,

    • snorkeling equipment and insurance.

    • The price also includes fuel and stand up paddle board.

TvavellersAdults and Children. Pet friendly
GearEverything on the boat

Tour Description

Island of Brač

Island of Brač is separated from the mainland only by the Brač Channel. It is the largest island in Dalmatia and island’s tallest peak, Mount St. Vid is the highest island point of all islands in Croatia. Island of Brač is considered to be one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. It is famous for its magical coastline, bay that hide charming towns and fishermen’s villages and it is completely covered with forests of cypress trees. Sunny parts of the island are covered in vineyards whose grapes produce an excellent wine. Although it is closer to mainland, island of Brač is less touristic than the glitzy islands of Hvar and Korčula.

We will arrive in town of Pučišća, located on the northern side of the island. In Croatia and in Europe, town of Pučišća is listed as one prettiest little towns. Why is that? Well, around Pučišća, there can be found quarries from whose white limestone the people of Brač build their homes. You probably didn’t know that same stone was used to build The White House in Washington and Diocletian’s palace in Split.

After exploring Pučišća, we will discover bay Luke on the island of Brač, also located at the north of the island. Situated between Pučišća and Povlja, bay Luke is a regular stop to many nautical tourists who sail along the coastline of island. This is because this bay provides great shelter from the bura and good anchorage. There we will enjoy wide pebbled beach. Relax, swim, snorkel, paddle board and indulge in many sea activities available.

After the time spent on the beach, our chef will cook a delicious traditional Dalmatian lunch, served with the abundance of domestic wine and selected beer.

We invite you to chill on the beach, soak in sunshine or spend some alone time in one of the secluded café’s. Get in a good mood and a healthy mind!

In the late afternoon, we head back to Split and enjoy the sunset aboard our dream yacht. In the evening, we will return to city of Split and this is probably the best time to discover Riva Split Waterfront. The busiest street of Split offers a lot of entertainment options which most happens at night. You can just stroll between the beautifully laid palm trees before you head to your hotel.

Tip! Don’t miss the olive oil in island of Brač! The olives are of a rare variety and there are over a half-million trees. Olive cultivation started with Venetians. In 1655 the Venetian senate insisted that the island be carpeted with olive trees and imposed fines upon anyone the idea to damage the trees.