Imotski with Quad & Kayak

This is a brand-new tour for 2023.! Imotski with lunch, quad, kayaking and swimming!

You have probably visited Split, the magnificent islands with hidden bays and amazing beaches. Well, in our opinion, it is time to go further.

Discover town of Imotski and the remarkable two lakes by its side. A guided tour of the city is an introduction to the hedonistic afternoon! Some of our reviews state, „ Exceptional sinkholes! It is hard to understand that this is actually a sink hole as photographs do not capture its depth and beauty! “

Imotski with Lunch, Quad tour and River Kayaking is the most popular tour if you ask for hinterland.

Meet the heart of Dalmatia!

Imotski with Quad & Kayak

Price 180 € / person

TvavellersAdults and Children. Pet friendly
GearEverything on the boat

Tour Description

Imotski with its guards – Red and Blue Lake

Town of Imotski is located in the inland Dalmatia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the last decade, it has become it a popular tourist destination. Imotski lakes are its most famous nature wonder that attracts tourist each year. In the summer months, a large number of cultural and entertainment events are held in the Imotski.

The Red Lake is 245 meters deep and it is literally amazing. According to some data, it would be the deepest lake in Europe. There is a story about Red Lake, too. It is said that a very rich man Gavan lived in a castle by the edge of the Red Lake. Gavan and his wife Gavanica were mean and greedy. One night an angel visited them. The angel asked for some food and water, but they turned him down. At that moment, the earth collapsed into an abyss, dragging down Gavan’s castle with it.

The Blue Lake

You can relish in Blue Lake beauty from high above or walk down and swim in it. It is actually made of two sinkholes that caved in and merged. A long rocky footpath leads all the way down to the lake. If you feel like it, you can take a dip in the chilly, clean water.

Vrljika river

Vrljika river is a short sinking river in Croatia and a home of endangered endemic Adriatic trout. Vrljika gives a panoramic view over Red and Blue lake and this is where we will start unforgettable kayaking down the river Vrljika. Kayaking will take for about two or three hours and during that time you will be surrounded by clear water and pure nature.  

After you have discovered Vrljika river and enjoyed genuine wildness of this protected part of the environment traditional lunch will be served in authentic tavern. Homemade soup, meat with potatoes done in ‘peka’ (the food is roasted over open flames using a clay or wrought-iron baking vessel), cake, domestic liquor ‘rakija’ or wine will make your day complete.


Finally, we will head back to city of Split and arrive at around 19:00.





8:00 departure from Split

9:00 arrival of guests in Imotski

9:15 – 12:00 Quad sightseeing of the City of Imotski and Imotski lakes. A tour of the Imotski, Blue and Red Lake (candidates for the UNESCO list of parks)

12:30 -13: 30 swimming in Blue Lake

14:00 – 16:00 River kayaking on Vrljika river

16:30-17:30 Traditional lunch in authentic tavern: soup,meat ‘peka’ with potatoes,cake,domestic liquer ‘rakija’,wine

19:00 Arrival in Split

 What to bring

  • √ comfortable shoes and casual clothes
  • √ If you are traveling in the summertime bring a towel and sunscreen
  • √ Bring a bottle of water and snacks to make your trip as comfortable as possible