The 5 Best tours in Split – and more

This will not be an ordinary blog The 5 Best tours in Split. Nor the text you find on the everyday pages of travel agencies. We are starting to write a text in which we will give what often remains hidden. Each area that we will present carries a part of Dalmatia’s identity, and it would be a shame if you didn’t hear about at least part of it. There will be a bit of history, a bit of nature, a bit of fun, tips, ideas and hidden gems.

best 5 tours split

The surroundings of Split offer a lot. There are not many places on the planet that offer sea, mountains, rivers, mountains, adrenaline, history and attractive entertainment in one place. Let’s see what we have prepared for you. And we singled out what we would like someone to show us, if we were tourists in Split.

The 5 best tours in Split – start with Dalmatian hinterland

1. Cetina

We didn’t accidentally move you out of Split for one day for the first trip. The Dalmatian Zagora area is bounded by a split on the sea, and mountain massifs in the north. Between – paradise. Fields of Sinjsko polje, green meadows, forests and hills. And she – wild, dear, winding, full of life, turquoise and blue. river Cetina. From its source to its lazy entry into the sea near Omiš, Cetina winds through villages and towns, hills and fields, leaving beautiful landscapes that today offer perfect spots for nature tourism.


5 best tours split
Omiš from above, Cetina river

On a river that changes its face every few kilometers, you can actually do anything you want. If you like to fish, fish. There are railways from Omiš to the canyon, for only 4 euros and half an hour of driving along the river, the avs will disembark on the coast. Walk and fish. Along the way, you can have lunch in one of the restaurants or swim in the river.

If you want a slightly more active excursion, there is a Zip line, in which you will hang over the canyon and turquoise areas.

Rafting is the most famous trip on Cetina precisely because it is suitable for both children and adults. Ideal for family time, but no less lively for a crazy team.

best tours split cetina

However, our choice is canyonig. Definitely!

The tour of 4 hours (or more) offers a primeval experience of the wilderness – walking through the river itself, merging with the water, stepping on thousand-year-old rocks. In addition to all that, swimming, surfing on your own back and jumping from high cliffs. There is another hidden pearl of Cetina – eating frogs from the river. There are several restaurants along the river where you can eat cetina frogs. They say it tastes like chicken, although it is a bit more expensive. But when you’re in Cetina, act like a local from Cetina.

2. Islands

Let’s go to the other side – to the islands! The 5 best tours in the Split are actually not just 5 tours, you get it, right? Croatia has over a thousand islands, so small yet so developed! We don’t even know which island to recommend. Best to start in order. Brač, the closest, then Hvar, magical and romantic, Vis hidden and powerful or Korčula, Mljet, Lastovo where you could decide to move to Dalmatia.

Daily trips to the mentioned islands are offered from Split, take us seriously when we say that you should reserve at least three days to the islands. And then three more. The city is beautiful, but the islands are what you dream of. There you will eat the best food, swim in the most crystalline sea, embrace the most beautiful sunsets and drink the best wines. Salt will heal you, peace will eat away all your worries.

tours split hvar

3. Historical delicacy

Historical tour – Klis, Solin, Trogir. Split is a 1700-year-old city. And couple of years more. The distant history full of crazy facts, battles, rulers and fortresses has left only beauty in Split’s will. And thank her for that. After all that we have listed, it certainly sounds surreal that in addition to Split, you have at least three other cities worth visiting. And not just for a few hours. Trogir is a wonderful town that offers a different beauty than Split. More intimate, more romantic.

klis tours split 5 best
The fortress of Klis

There is also the island of Čiovo, with all its wilderness, which is easy to discover even by driving in a car. Klis is a fortress with a view of Split, the Gulf and the islands. Sola’s small town at the entrance to Split, with the remains of Salona – a historical and important moment when Split was created. There are the ruins of the first foundations of the city, where you can still sit, drink coffee, sunbathe your face and take great photos, and all this 10 minutes from the city center. For archeology lovers – a dream of dreams.

trogir best tours split
Romantic Trogir

4. National Parks – Krka & Plitvicka jezera

Croatia has 8 national parks. How lucky that two are very popular on an hour, an hour and a half from Split. Krka National Park with its waterfalls is the most popular destination in the season for 15 years of Dalmatian tourism. It takes you half an hour from Split, we can recommend a trip to that NP with confidence that you will be very satisfied. A little road, a little boat, a little waterfalls – and back to the city. And then, when you come next time – let the magnificent Plitvicka lakes be your number 1 plan! Magic at its peak. The tours are adapted to your needs, so take a look at the offer.

Plitvice lakes

5. Half day tours – Blue Lagoon or Šolta

We left the sweetest for last – half-day trips to the surrounding islands, bays, blue lagoons. For those who cannot spend the whole day in 40 degrees, heat and in groups of people, there is a half-day boat trip.Set sail from land, put on a pirate hat and order cold rum as soon as you set sail. Forget about your worries, the children can go on a pirate ship and you can go on a slightly nicer version – a speedboat.

SPlit 5 tours
Marjan Hill, Split

As we said – there are many offers. You just need to decide where and where.The blue lagoon is located halfway between Split and Trogir, next to the island of Drvenik Veli. Nowhere is there such a turquoise sea, crystal clear and as if made for diving. Equipment is provided on these types of trips, so you can see what the underwater world is like around Split. With or without lunch, again it’s up to you.